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  • 2017 20 May Sat

    Camera trap time stamps provide valuable data for tiger conservationists

    News biodiversity

    Spatial capture-recapture model analysis is often used to estimate tiger abundance. A new study led by Dr. Robert Dorazio of the United States Geological Survey, and co-authored by Dr. Ullas Karanth o...
  • 2017 20 May Sat

    Translocation of howler monkeys helped them survive and thrive in Belize

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    Recent Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Queens Zoo surveys of Yucatán or Guatemalan black howler monkeys (Alouatta pigra) that have been translocated to Belize’s Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary...
  • 2017 14 May Sun

    Ground-breaking discovery: there are three subspecies of the snow leopard

    News biodiversity

    In a major scientific discovery, a team of researchers has announced that there appear to be three subspecies of the snow leopard. Until now, the elusive snow leopard, which inhabits a vast area of 1....
  • 2017 14 May Sun

    Uganda’s famous tree-climbing lions roaming farther as prey animals decreas...

    News biodiversity

    Lions in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park have fewer prey and smaller pride sizes as a result. Protecting prey animals for lions and their habitat necessary steps is safeguarding these big cats...

y personal attempt to try and convince everybody of the beauty and the importance of nature as (evolutionary) phenomenon, especially its fauna. Information is given, in text and image, on my 'beasts'. Cats, especially big ones, will be starring next to other predators. And if possible my all time favourite the cow will make its appearance. But above all I would like to stress and show, as a one-man-pressure-group, the importance of the diversity of life on our earth. As the uncomplicated beauty of animals provides a lot of pleasure to those who appreciate it. More species mean more pleasure. To prevent species from going extinct at the rate we see today is therefore paramount. Not only for esthetic reasons, but also for the preservation of life on earth. Because to me, loss of biodiversity is inseparable connected to a deteriorating environment on earth. Mother Earth whom is less and less capable of sustaining life. Zoos will become more important for conservation of fauna diversity, which I would like to show also. As a matter of fact, I started the endeavour with launching a website (moosmood.com) focussing on this plethora of issues around 2008. It turned out that picking up where I left years ago, visiting zoos and see what kind of progress was being made in keeping animals in captivity, fitted nicely into my new challenge. So, more and more time is consumed with visiting zoos and reviewing their efforts to save endangered species. Genesis and extinction are an inextricable couple that seems off balance. Let us try and restore this balance!

Roar Forward: The mission to double wild tiger numbers (Tx2)

By saving the tiger we save all the plants and animals that live under the tiger's umbrella.

(John Seidensticker)

UN Biodiversity decade
WWF Stop Wildlife Crime
Fight for Flight campaign
End Ivory-funded Terrorism
Support Rewilding Europe
NASA State of Flux

Goal: 7000 tigers in the wild

Tiger range countries map


"Tiger map" (CC BY 2.5) by Sanderson et al., 2006.


about zoos and their mission regarding breeding endangered species, nature conservation, biodiversity and education, which of course relates to the evolution of species.
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